A Most Surprising Gift

An Advent Greeting From Mephibosheth

Sermon Overview

The account of Mephibosheth is relatively unknown. This handicapped grandson of King Saul received a surprising gift of grace from King David.

In this midweek Advent message, Pastor Todd Frusti, portrays the person of Mephibosheth while presenting our most surprising gift in the babe of Bethlehem.

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Turning the Tables

Did you know that 75% of international students will never enter an American home while in the United States? And, 80% of international students will never enter an American church! Flint International Friends is working on reducing those numbers by introducing our Christian friends to international students during the holidays. We place students in homes of church members who express a desire to meet an international student. We pray that each student will experience a huge helping of God’s love on this holiday and friendships will be formed in order to share not only food—but the Bread of Life, Jesus!

An International Thanksgiving

Note: This year 8 students and their family members signed up to visit with an American family. Unfortunately, 4 of the visitors from the same family experienced illness and didn’t get a chance to participate. However, their host family is hoping that they will be able to meet when health improves.

Our students were very grateful for their Thanksgiving experiences—so much so that they decided to turn-the-tables on us and host their own “International Thanksgiving” celebration. Students inviting our volunteers to a taste treat from around the world. We tasted Napali Momos which are a delicious combination of vegetables and chicken steamed in a dumpling wrapper, along with Indian butter chicken, and stir-fries cooked to perfection. (See attached photo)

An international feast cooked to perfection.

Besides the wonderful food, we had the pleasure of learning more about the cultures of Nepal, India, Pakistan and Turkey, which helps us better understand their international worldview.

Scripture tells us to, “….. always be ready to give a logical defense to anyone who asks you to account for the hope that is in you, but do it courteously and respectfully.” (1 PETER 3:15) If we are going to effectively share our faith with our international friends we need to have an understanding of their worldview. Sharing meals and friendships is a great way to develop this understanding and be ready…when anyone asks us …to share our faith in Christ.

Going the Extra Mile!

Jesus said, “And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him two.” Matthew 5:41

We all know people who go beyond their assigned duties – we call that process, going the extra mile! Just recently one of our Fifa volunteers called me to ask if the Muslim family from Damascus who are scheduled to share Thanksgiving Dinner with her family, required “halal” meat? I didn’t understand the term “halal” until I Googled it and found the following:

The Islamic form of slaughtering animals or poultry. Animals must be alive and healthy at the time of slaughter and all blood is drained from the carcass.

When I understood her question, I replied that since the wife comes to our class with a hijab covering her head, I believe that she would appreciate the special cut of meat. My friend then pursued the specific shop where she could find a turkey for the Thanksgiving meal, butchered in the proper context. This volunteer also walked the extra mile.

Jesus went the extra mile for us, securing our freedom from rules about eating, drinking and wearing specific clothes. Jesus went all the way to the cross, destroying Satan’s power through His own suffering and death on our behalf. He took away the power of death and the devil. We trust in His Grace for all we need in this life and our life to come!

My volunteer friend assured me that alongside the halal turkey she will be serving, there will also be a large serving of Grace at the table, beginning with prayer. Both of us are praying that Thanksgiving Day will result in a friendship that grows and the Gospel will be shared in all its power and glory!

The Word to the End

Sermon Overview

Rev. Bob Marshall takes an in depth look at Jesus’ words in Mark 16 concerning the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple. In this message you will discover a deeper understanding of the purpose of the Temple and how the Jerusalem Temple pointed to Jesus. In addition to a close look at the theology behind Jesus Word’s in Mark 16, Pastor Marshall shares about God’s global mission through the Lutheran Heritage Foundation (LHF).

Sermon Recording


You Have Beautiful Feet

I wear a size 11 shoe and sometimes feel a bit embarrassed when anyone asks me what size shoe I wear. I laugh and say, “I’m just like my Grandmother who also wore a size 11 shoe.” In my later life I’ve learned it not the size of our feet that matters to God, but where our feet take us.
Do you know that most international students never set foot in an American home?
Just recently I spoke with some Christians whose feet are amazingly beautiful…as they offered to walk the extra mile on Thanksgiving Day and host some international students. These brothers and sisters in Christ are opening their hearts and homes during this busy holiday. They will be walking in the marketplace—or shopping in ethnic stores to ensure the food they serve is not restricted by cultural customs. Their feet will be tracking in the kitchen and setting up the extra chairs to prepare for the day.
Supporters of Flint International Friends will be hosting a family of four from Damascus, Syria, a married couple from Nepal, and students from India, Yemen and Pakistan. Just like our Chinese friend, who wrote back from China that she will always remember her holidays spent in an American home with authentic Christians, these students will tell their stories about us to their children and grandchildren.
Pray that our host families will be nourished by the Holy Spirit as they become blessings to our students and reflect Christ’s love.

Fifth Sunday Council President Update – September 29 & 30, 2018

 Good Evening/Morning

Fall has arrived and we have lots of things going on here at Trinity!

Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat is coming up in just a few short weeks; this year’s event is on Thursday October 25th!  It would be great to have everyone come out and open their trunks, and share candy for this huge outreach event for the children in our community. If you are available please sign up for a spot to pass out some goodies. If you are not able to attend but would like to help out, we are always in need of extra candy. If you can help that way it would be a huge help also, there will be a box in the lobby beginning this weekend until the 25th to collect bags of wrapped candy.

Electronic Message Board

As you may have noticed, our LED sign out front was back on for a short time then back off again. Well that’s about to change! Cirrus the manufacturer of the sign couldn’t get the controller to produce the same problem it was having here, so when pushed they offered us a new latest and greatest sign with a new 5 year warranty, the new signs do not come in the same size as ours was, so it would have been one foot narrower. The Church Council felt we should jump to the next size wider a foot wider than our current sign, so, with the very generous donations of a few of our parishioners the extra cost was covered. The new sign should arrive at Barry’s sign company this coming week, and he said he will get it in ASAP, so hopefully by October 8th we will be up and running.

Sneaker & Sweatshirt Weekend

Coming up the weekend of October 27th and 28th will be a Sneaker and Sweat Shirt weekend. This is an easy opportunity to support the Franklin Avenue Mission, so please start looking through your closets for gently used items you aren’t using anymore or new items will work also. Then please be sure to bring them the weekend of the 27th & 28th when you come to worship. This is a great way to help people in need!

Social Media Wisdom

Just a reminder about Social Media! It can be fun and interesting, and informative, but it can also bring controversy!  Please think before you “like” or “comment” on something, it could actually without intention hurt someone, or something, like your church or family, a good rule is to pray before you post!

Outreach Event

Fight Night! Coming up on Wednesday, November 7th will be this fun event filled with humor, fresh insight, and new strategies for your relationship. Fight Night; is for everyone – newlyweds, “oldyweds,” seriously dating, engaged couples – anyone wanting to make a good relationship great! This should be a great time, no counseling, just lot of fun! The cost is only $20.00 per couple and includes dinner and desert!

Tithes and Offerings

Tithes and offerings: they mean everything to your church, we all need to remember, the church pays bills also! Just a year of gas and lights $15,000.00,  got to have coffee and flush the toilets! water and sewer bill $3,000.00, Lawn mowing and snow removal $9,000.00, Cleaning $6,500.00, Wages and benefits $152,000.00, Insurance $6,000.00, this just to name a few. This is just a reminder, when the church looses a member to job transfers,  being called home to be with our Lord, or for any other reason, your church loose that income. Sure, our main goal is to make disciples and outreach in our communities, but as long as we have a building there are bills. All churches have the same problem; it takes longer to grow your membership than it does to lose members. It is always a great time to ask a friend to church, it doesn’t have to be just back to church Sunday! Along with that it’s always a great time to set up equal monthly tithing to your church! Because just like your home, the bills come due every month.

Walking Club

And their off’ A walking club is being formed here at Trinity! On Sunday October 7th following church, we will have a short meeting in the basement for anyone interested in joining. We will meet on the 7th and figure out best days and times to walk! So, get your walking shoes out and plan on having some good old fashion fun and fellowship. If you would like more information please contact Gay Polley.


Trinity T-Shirts- It a great way to show everyone just how much WE LOVE OUR CHURCH”! They are great conversation starters to promote our church. Orders will be taken this weekend and the weekend of October 6th & 7th in the Narthex. There only $12.00 and they come in a multitude of colors.

Building Access

Its Locked! Yes when you come to the church during normal business hours you will find the doors locked. This is for the safety of our employees, staff, and volunteers! If you have a key, let yourself in and let the office know you are in the building, if not ring the doorbell and the office staff will be happy to let you in.

Voters Meeting

Coming up in the first Sunday in November is our bi-annual voters meeting; please make an attempt to attend! This is the budget meeting as well as the time we elect officers for the congregation. This year the terms that are up for re-election are Evangelism, Secretary, Fellowship, and Treasurer. Anyone that would like the opportunity to serve in one of these rolls, let us know, so we can list you as a candidate, sometimes change is good for an organization! One of the things we will be talking about also, is a possible next big project: maybe elevator, kitchen, restrooms, and more, this project will be the biggest yet and could run upwards of a million dollars. Our building fund has around $90,000.00 in it, so funding a project of this nature will be a topic also.

Thank you for tolerating this probably longer than 5 minute update! See you in December!

God’s Blessing to you all!

How Would You Answer This Question?

An international student at a Bible Study asked this question ….

“In our world, there are many people who can’t get a chance to know God and Christianity. How are they able to be saved?”

Think about how you would answer this question … then read on.

A Pakistani student who studied here in the US, went home after graduation and his Muslim family asked him what life in America was like? He didn’t know because like many international students studying here know, American friends are difficult to come by. Although he was here for years he never made any friendships nor was he ever invited into an American home — or church.

Won’t you help us change this situation so that those who have not heard can hear from you—the news that Jesus welcomes strangers and that He is the ONLY way to our Heavenly Father. Flint International Friends has been able to serve people from Pakistan and India with the Good News of Jesus – some have attended church here and are still worshiping our Lord and Savior after their departure.

You can help us reach out with the Good News. Our goal is to send students back to their home countries … armed with the love of Jesus to reach the unreached in their communities. We’re looking for people to host an international student or two, in their homes for Thanksgiving.


Fifth Sunday Council President Update July 28 & 29, 2018

Good Evening/Morning

I have a lot of information for a 5 minute update, so here goes!

Upcoming Events

Youth Update: Wednesday August 8th there will be another Youth Night at 6pm, also on Saturday August 18th the youth will be heading over to play some mini-golf at 11 am. These are great times to fellowship with other youth in the same age bracket. Make sure you bring friends, the more people the more fun! Also just as an informational item we are proud to have many of our youth group helping out with the VBS skit team, so, thank you to all of you!

On August 19th everyone is invited to come share in the celebration of Pastors 25th year in Ministry, It will be held in the Trinity room following service, and you can expect Brunch, Deserts and Refreshments. Please plan on stopping in for some food and fellowship!

Electronic Message Board

As you may have noticed, our LED sign out front has been sporting a new look, Blank and Black, well that’s not on purpose! The main controller in the sign decided to quit, we do not know if it was lightning, a power surge or just its time! The good news is, the sign is still under warranty so it will be no cost to us but, the bad news is we are at the mercy of how fast Cirrus will get it fixed. Last word was the part was due in on Wednesday from overseas, and they would expedite the part to our local representative.

Shoes & Sweatshirt Sunday

Coming up again this fall will be a collection for Franklin Avenue Mission, this year’s event will be a Sneaker and Sweat Shirt Sunday, so please start looking through your closets for gently used items you aren’t using anymore. The date for the event has not been set yet, but we just wanted you to be ready.

Social Media Wisdom

Social Media! It can be fun and interesting, and informative, but it can also bring controversy. A good example is you set up your account on Facebook, you spend a lot of time volunteering here at Trinity so, you put on your main page “Volunteer for Trinity Lutheran Church – Davison”, of course we are all proud of our affiliation with our church, so why not, its great advertising for the church, right! The place that this can be a problem is if you happen to have an opinion, whether its political or otherwise, and you decide to Like something on a page that people can see, and then someone doesn’t agree with you so they look at your page and see you are a volunteer at Trinity, they automatically assume that your opinion is Trinity’s opinion as a whole. We want everybody to share Trinity with the world, so please don’t stop getting our name out there, just be mindful of what comments and Likes on different things, might come back and hurt the image of your church.

Benefits of Online Giving

Your Church and Your Home, what do they have in common? Bills! As you all know, your bills come due once a month, so does your church’s. Summertime is always a more difficult time in any church because many people go on vacation, and that’s great, but if they are one of the people that only give when they attend, it can make it difficult for church’s to follow their normal routine. So, in an effort to level things off, it would help if everyone gave to their church on a regular basis, once a week, once every other week, once a month. A great way to do that is set up online giving that automatically sends their tithes directly to the church on a regular basis. Bill pay services are a great way to help balance your budget, as well as get your tithes and offerings to your church!  Your church council thought it would be beneficial to have a couple weekends this fall, that we would have people available to show anyone that is interested in the automatic transfer, how to set it up! The dates have not been set up yet but once we have them and we have people lined up for specific weekends we will post it in Heavenly Happenings and the Trinity Gram.

Outreach Events – Invite Someone

Fight Night! Its coming to Trinity!   OK’ Lets’ face it, all couples fight. Learn how to fight a Good Fight!  Coming in November will be this fun event filled with humor, fresh insight, and new strategies for your relationship. Fight Night; How to Fight Fair is for everyone – newlyweds, “oldy-weds,” seriously dating, engaged couples – anyone wanting to make a good relationship great! For a great evening plan on attending!

Lastly, Back to Church Sunday is September 16th, lets try to pack this place! It is the weekend everything gets back up and running after our summer break, Please make an effort to invite 1,2, or even more people to come out and worship that day, there will also be a Pig roast /picnic following Educational hour at 11:30, for some good old fashion fellowship!

Thank you for your patient

God’s Blessing to you all!

Food for the Poor Visit & Encouragement

Throughout the year, the members and friends of Trinity Lutheran Church invest time and finances in Christian mission work. Recently we again had the pleasure to be encouraged by inspiring accounts from foreign mission fields. These latest reports shared how we can support and pray God’s work at Food for the Poor.

Worshipers at both services on the weekend of August 4-5, 2018 we were blessed by the presence and message of Pastor Paul Short. In His sermon entitled, “Who Will Bring the Bread?”  Pastor Short shared the Good News of God’s grace in Jesus while telling about what God and His people are doing through Food for the Poor. Food for the Poor serves thousands of people in 17 developing countries throughout the Caribbean.  The ministry provides needed care through food distribution, well construction, home construction, and education for local people.

Prayer and God’s Work

Pastor Short explained how prayer is essential to all that is undertaken by Food for the Poor. With prayer, the financial gifts to the ministry make a much more significant impact in the areas served Food for the Poor. Prayer is so essential to the work of Food for the Poor, that the ministry’s headquarters in Coconut Creek, Florida includes a room used only for prayer. The Food for the Poor prayer room is staffed nearly year round with volunteers praying for the ministry and those who support the ministry.

St. Andrew’s Fishing Village

Several years ago, a guest pastor from Food for the Poor visited Pastor’s Short’s congregation, St. Andrew Lutheran Church in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The people of St. Andrew’s were moved to generosity towards the ministry of Food for the Poor. Following that visit, the congregation of St. Andrew held a six-month “Christmas for Jesus” campaign from July through December in which members gave a special birthday gift to Jesus. The total of these gifts resulted in the construction of an entire fishing village in Haiti including boats, a storage shed. Below is brief video from the dedication of the St. Andrew Fishing Village:

Give to Food for the Poor

At the conclusion of each worship service, a door offering was received for Food for the Poor. Contributions are still welcome. If you would like to make a gift to Food for the Poor, we recommend that you use the mail-in, postage-paid envelopes that have been made especially for Trinity Lutheran Church. Please call or email the church office to request one of these envelopes.

Thank you for supporting Food for the Poor with your prayers and financial gifts. For more information about this amazing ministry, please visit their website.