Christmas, Too BIG to Fit Into a Box

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When I was young, Christmas was all about me … which gifts lying under the Christmas tree had my name on them? As I grew older, the focus changed to what gifts will I buy for my loved ones? Now, having lived through 75 Christmas celebrations, the real GIFT is finally torn open, loved, and appreciated in a new way. God’s gift to me, and to all, the GIFT of Himself in love.

I hope you have already discovered this GIFT that doesn’t need wrapping paper or gold ribbons to make it beautiful. There is nothing more beautiful than God’s love … wrapped up in Jesus.  In fact, we can’t put it into a package—there’s no box in this universe large enough to hold it. The ribbons of joy this truth brings could wrap around this world a million times and still there would be left overs for wrapping around your heart and mine!

We’ll be sharing this gift of love with our international students and friends by showing The Jesus Film, at Dorothy’s Coffee House on Dec. 21 from 6-8 p.m. Please pray that the message of our loving God who went to the extreme expense of giving His only Son, that whoever believes in Him, will not die, but have life eternal with Him, will touch the hearts of students.

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Kate Cole is a forgiven sinner who has had the privilege to work internationally and serve Jesus with LCMS World Missions in Africa. Her daily goal is to know Jesus and make Him known.
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