Fall Family Festival Growing & Changing

 About 250 guests enjoyed the 2015 Fall Family Festival. This year’s event included some new elements. Plans are underway to make the 2016 Fall Family Festival an event that offers even more fun for the families who visit.

The blustery winds were letting us know that October is nearly over and November is quickly marching in.  This year’s weather kept the number of guests a little lower than last year.  Nevertheless, attendance at this year’s Fall Family Festival was more than double our historical average.

It may be hard to believe that Trinity has been offering the Fall Family Festival for eight years!  For eight years, our congregation has invited the local community to enjoy this family-oriented, non-scary, Christ-Centered event!

As the event has experienced considerable growth, some improvements were made this year to better the experience for all of our guests:

  • Registration – In previous years, registration had been held in Trinity’s lobby area.  Although this had worked well with smaller crowds, as the event grew the queue would sometimes reach as far as the Oda Street sidewalk and take as long as 20 minutes. We realized that asking families with exited children to wait in line in a busy parking lot was not the best idea.  This year guests were immediately directed to the basement where they could enjoy a delicious donut and cup of cider while filling out their registration forms sitting at a table.  This new process has created a more hospitable atmosphere for our guests.

  • Trunk or Treat – The Trunk or Treat activity now takes place in the Youth Center parking lot.  The new location is beneficial as it separates young children from the traffic in our main parking lot and provides easier access to individuals using wheel chairs.

Plans are already underway for the next Trunk or Treat which will take place on Thursday, October 27, 2016.  Next year we would like to see our Fall Family Festival be even bigger and better.  Below are few of the changes we have already started working on:

  • Two live skits that will creatively share the Gospel with our guests.  One skit will take place in the basement.  The other will take place in the Youth Center.

  • Game tents.  We will be looking for volunteers to host some outdoor games under tailgate style tents.  These tents can be set up in the grassy area behind the Youth Center.

  • 25 cars for Trunk or Treat.  Of course, CANDY is a big draw for kids to attend our Fall Family Festival.  Our Youth Center parking lot has a capacity for 25 cars.  Our team is hoping that a few more of our members will get into this fun activity to help us reach our Trunk or Treat capacity next year!

As this year’s Fall Family Festival is in the books, we are again grateful for all of our great volunteers.  Thank you for making this year’s Fall Family Festival a fun event for over 200 guests from the local community.  The Fall Family Festival is another way that Trinity is creatively fulfilling our mission statement and expressing our Core Values.

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