Fifth Sunday Council President Update – September 29 & 30, 2018

 Good Evening/Morning

Fall has arrived and we have lots of things going on here at Trinity!

Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat is coming up in just a few short weeks; this year’s event is on Thursday October 25th!  It would be great to have everyone come out and open their trunks, and share candy for this huge outreach event for the children in our community. If you are available please sign up for a spot to pass out some goodies. If you are not able to attend but would like to help out, we are always in need of extra candy. If you can help that way it would be a huge help also, there will be a box in the lobby beginning this weekend until the 25th to collect bags of wrapped candy.

Electronic Message Board

As you may have noticed, our LED sign out front was back on for a short time then back off again. Well that’s about to change! Cirrus the manufacturer of the sign couldn’t get the controller to produce the same problem it was having here, so when pushed they offered us a new latest and greatest sign with a new 5 year warranty, the new signs do not come in the same size as ours was, so it would have been one foot narrower. The Church Council felt we should jump to the next size wider a foot wider than our current sign, so, with the very generous donations of a few of our parishioners the extra cost was covered. The new sign should arrive at Barry’s sign company this coming week, and he said he will get it in ASAP, so hopefully by October 8th we will be up and running.

Sneaker & Sweatshirt Weekend

Coming up the weekend of October 27th and 28th will be a Sneaker and Sweat Shirt weekend. This is an easy opportunity to support the Franklin Avenue Mission, so please start looking through your closets for gently used items you aren’t using anymore or new items will work also. Then please be sure to bring them the weekend of the 27th & 28th when you come to worship. This is a great way to help people in need!

Social Media Wisdom

Just a reminder about Social Media! It can be fun and interesting, and informative, but it can also bring controversy!  Please think before you “like” or “comment” on something, it could actually without intention hurt someone, or something, like your church or family, a good rule is to pray before you post!

Outreach Event

Fight Night! Coming up on Wednesday, November 7th will be this fun event filled with humor, fresh insight, and new strategies for your relationship. Fight Night; is for everyone – newlyweds, “oldyweds,” seriously dating, engaged couples – anyone wanting to make a good relationship great! This should be a great time, no counseling, just lot of fun! The cost is only $20.00 per couple and includes dinner and desert!

Tithes and Offerings

Tithes and offerings: they mean everything to your church, we all need to remember, the church pays bills also! Just a year of gas and lights $15,000.00,  got to have coffee and flush the toilets! water and sewer bill $3,000.00, Lawn mowing and snow removal $9,000.00, Cleaning $6,500.00, Wages and benefits $152,000.00, Insurance $6,000.00, this just to name a few. This is just a reminder, when the church looses a member to job transfers,  being called home to be with our Lord, or for any other reason, your church loose that income. Sure, our main goal is to make disciples and outreach in our communities, but as long as we have a building there are bills. All churches have the same problem; it takes longer to grow your membership than it does to lose members. It is always a great time to ask a friend to church, it doesn’t have to be just back to church Sunday! Along with that it’s always a great time to set up equal monthly tithing to your church! Because just like your home, the bills come due every month.

Walking Club

And their off’ A walking club is being formed here at Trinity! On Sunday October 7th following church, we will have a short meeting in the basement for anyone interested in joining. We will meet on the 7th and figure out best days and times to walk! So, get your walking shoes out and plan on having some good old fashion fun and fellowship. If you would like more information please contact Gay Polley.


Trinity T-Shirts- It a great way to show everyone just how much WE LOVE OUR CHURCH”! They are great conversation starters to promote our church. Orders will be taken this weekend and the weekend of October 6th & 7th in the Narthex. There only $12.00 and they come in a multitude of colors.

Building Access

Its Locked! Yes when you come to the church during normal business hours you will find the doors locked. This is for the safety of our employees, staff, and volunteers! If you have a key, let yourself in and let the office know you are in the building, if not ring the doorbell and the office staff will be happy to let you in.

Voters Meeting

Coming up in the first Sunday in November is our bi-annual voters meeting; please make an attempt to attend! This is the budget meeting as well as the time we elect officers for the congregation. This year the terms that are up for re-election are Evangelism, Secretary, Fellowship, and Treasurer. Anyone that would like the opportunity to serve in one of these rolls, let us know, so we can list you as a candidate, sometimes change is good for an organization! One of the things we will be talking about also, is a possible next big project: maybe elevator, kitchen, restrooms, and more, this project will be the biggest yet and could run upwards of a million dollars. Our building fund has around $90,000.00 in it, so funding a project of this nature will be a topic also.

Thank you for tolerating this probably longer than 5 minute update! See you in December!

God’s Blessing to you all!