God’s Grace Is Amazing

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Sermon Overview

“Amazing Grace” has been sung so often, many are capable of singing a few lines from memory. While the stanza’s of John Newton’s hymn beautifully and powerfully tells of the amazing quality and quantity of God’s grace, Scripture is replete with examples of God extending mercy, too. In this sermon, we will examine the story behind the hymn “Amazing Grace”; uncover Scriptural accounts of God’s grace extended and received; and be reminded that we, too, are daily recipients of God’s Amazing Grace.

Most of the psalms, hymns and contemporary songs that are incorporated in our worship from August 10 – September 1, 2019 are among the favorites of Trinity members. In early summer, members of our congregation submitted the names of their most beloved Psalms, contemporary praise songs, and Christian, hymns. Thank you to all who contributed suggestions. We hope that you especially enjoy the songs and hymns in our worship now through September 1st.

Sermon Recording

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