How Would You Answer This Question?

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An international student at a Bible Study asked this question ….

“In our world, there are many people who can’t get a chance to know God and Christianity. How are they able to be saved?”

Think about how you would answer this question … then read on.

A Pakistani student who studied here in the US, went home after graduation and his Muslim family asked him what life in America was like? He didn’t know because like many international students studying here know, American friends are difficult to come by. Although he was here for years he never made any friendships nor was he ever invited into an American home — or church.

Won’t you help us change this situation so that those who have not heard can hear from you—the news that Jesus welcomes strangers and that He is the ONLY way to our Heavenly Father. Flint International Friends has been able to serve people from Pakistan and India with the Good News of Jesus – some have attended church here and are still worshiping our Lord and Savior after their departure.

You can help us reach out with the Good News. Our goal is to send students back to their home countries … armed with the love of Jesus to reach the unreached in their communities. We’re looking for people to host an international student or two, in their homes for Thanksgiving.


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Kate Cole is a forgiven sinner who has had the privilege to work internationally and serve Jesus with LCMS World Missions in Africa. Her daily goal is to know Jesus and make Him known.
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