Living the New Life with Gladness

For the follower of Jesus, life is different. When the Holy Spirit creates the gift of faith in a person’s heart he/she is a new creature! In this sermon, Pastor Frusti tells us about some of the ways a Christian’s life is unlike the worl

God’s Growing Kingdom

God’s Kingdom of growing, just as Jesus said it would. In this sermon based on Jesus’ teachings in Mark 4:26-29, we explore the meaning of “Kingdom of God” and gain a better understanding of how when God’s Kingdom grows

The Sabbath As God Intended

“Remember the Sabbath Day by keeping it holy”. This commandment, when followed is filled with a tremendous, refreshing gift for God’s people. In this sermon, Pastor Frusti takes a fresh look at God’s gift of Sabbath through lo

Alive to Serve

Faith in Jesus changes people. Each of us can attest to this fact. The we are changed through faith is the result of God the Holy Spirit at work in us. Actually, this is the Holy Spirit daily working miracles through us. In this sermon, Pastor Frusti

The Good Shepherd

Jesus once lamented that a group of people were so lacking care and direction that they resembled “sheep without a shepherd”. Times haven’t changed as many people are affected by loneliness and a lack of direction. Some feel that no

God Wills Us to Rise

It is Resurrection Day!  In this sermon, Pastor Todd Frusti takes us on a tour of 1 Corinthians 15:3-6 and 1 Corinthians 15:20. These Bible verses are a reminder that Jesus did indeed rise from the dead. The challenges faced by people in ancient Cor

Dare Not Miss This Opportunity

We have all experienced it.  You gave the opportunity some thought.  Maybe you even gave it A LOT of thought. You talked to others about the decision you were going to make.  Then, sometime after your decision against the opportunity you found you

A Place to Belong

Have you ever asked, “why do I need church?”  This is a good question.  What are the benefits and opportunities that go along with being part of a congregation? In this message based on Acts 28:11-16, Pastor Frusti explores this questio

We Are All Immigrants Immigration is a hot topic.  The topic is often hotly debated from various perspectives.  In this sermon based on the words of Isaiah 56:6-8, Pastor Frusti reminds us that from the perspec

He Hears You When You Call