This is Living

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After leaving the land of Egypt, the Israelites were tempted to forget the terrible life of slavery. They quickly forgot the oppressive task masters and selfish ways of the Egyptians. In Leviticus 18 God assures them the blessings that He promised would be theirs. God had already done all that was necessary. Their task in the new land was to leave behind the ways of the Egyptians, ignore the ways of the land they would inherit, and follow the ways God would give them. Live their lives according to God’s ways. God would take care of the rest. How could they not put God and His ways first?!

How could we not put God and His ways first?! He has delivered us from a threat just as real and far more perilous than ancient Israel’s Egyptian task masters. There is nothing oppressive about what God asks. All He desires from us is loving God and others (Luke 10:27).

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