Trinity’s 2017 Family Promise Contribution

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This morning I had the opportunity to sit down with Mary Weeden who serves as Trinity’s Family Promise coordinator and Lindsay Moore, Network Director of Family Promise of Genesee County.   During this meeting in my study we had the pleasure of talking about our church’s contribution to Family Promise to help those who are homeless.  God’s people at Trinity are doing some good things together to provide shelter and meals to people who are homeless.  To be more specific, please look over the statistics below from our “2017 Congregational Review”:

Number of Host Weeks: 4 weeks in 2017 (15 weeks since 2014)

Number of Families Hosted: 11 unique families in 2017

Number of People Hosted: 35 unique people

Number of Night’s Sleep: 277 nights in 2017

Number of Volunteer Hours: 1,136

Amount of in-kind donation ($22.13 an hour/volunteer): $25,140

Family Impact: 24 (including one family from 2018) families who have stayed at Trinity Lutheran have successfully graduated from Family Promise and are maintaining their own homes.

Since March of 2014, Trinity members have taken part in 15 Host Weeks.  In order for us to continue this important ministry we need the continued support of our members.  Each host week presents dozens of opportunities to be part of Trinity’s Family Promise Ministry.  Please contact Mary Weeden for more information about Family Promise at Trinity.

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March 19, 2018 1:16 PM

This is a very rewarding program to get involved with. The people that we meet in their transition are so very nice. Please look to get involved as it will make you aware of what is happening in our community . And also how how church is giving these people a hand up .