Food for the Poor Visit & Encouragement

Throughout the year, the members and friends of Trinity Lutheran Church invest time and finances in Christian mission work. Recently we again had the pleasure to be encouraged by inspiring accounts from foreign mission fields. These latest reports shared how we can support and pray God’s work at Food for the Poor.

Worshipers at both services on the weekend of August 4-5, 2018 we were blessed by the presence and message of Pastor Paul Short. In His sermon entitled, “Who Will Bring the Bread?”  Pastor Short shared the Good News of God’s grace in Jesus while telling about what God and His people are doing through Food for the Poor. Food for the Poor serves thousands of people in 17 developing countries throughout the Caribbean.  The ministry provides needed care through food distribution, well construction, home construction, and education for local people.

Prayer and God’s Work

Pastor Short explained how prayer is essential to all that is undertaken by Food for the Poor. With prayer, the financial gifts to the ministry make a much more significant impact in the areas served Food for the Poor. Prayer is so essential to the work of Food for the Poor, that the ministry’s headquarters in Coconut Creek, Florida includes a room used only for prayer. The Food for the Poor prayer room is staffed nearly year round with volunteers praying for the ministry and those who support the ministry.

St. Andrew’s Fishing Village

Several years ago, a guest pastor from Food for the Poor visited Pastor’s Short’s congregation, St. Andrew Lutheran Church in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The people of St. Andrew’s were moved to generosity towards the ministry of Food for the Poor. Following that visit, the congregation of St. Andrew held a six-month “Christmas for Jesus” campaign from July through December in which members gave a special birthday gift to Jesus. The total of these gifts resulted in the construction of an entire fishing village in Haiti including boats, a storage shed. Below is brief video from the dedication of the St. Andrew Fishing Village:

Give to Food for the Poor

At the conclusion of each worship service, a door offering was received for Food for the Poor. Contributions are still welcome. If you would like to make a gift to Food for the Poor, we recommend that you use the mail-in, postage-paid envelopes that have been made especially for Trinity Lutheran Church. Please call or email the church office to request one of these envelopes.

Thank you for supporting Food for the Poor with your prayers and financial gifts. For more information about this amazing ministry, please visit their website.

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