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I wear a size 11 shoe and sometimes feel a bit embarrassed when anyone asks me what size shoe I wear. I laugh and say, “I’m just like my Grandmother who also wore a size 11 shoe.” In my later life I’ve learned it not the size of our feet that matters to God, but where our feet take us.
Do you know that most international students never set foot in an American home?
Just recently I spoke with some Christians whose feet are amazingly beautiful…as they offered to walk the extra mile on Thanksgiving Day and host some international students. These brothers and sisters in Christ are opening their hearts and homes during this busy holiday. They will be walking in the marketplace—or shopping in ethnic stores to ensure the food they serve is not restricted by cultural customs. Their feet will be tracking in the kitchen and setting up the extra chairs to prepare for the day.
Supporters of Flint International Friends will be hosting a family of four from Damascus, Syria, a married couple from Nepal, and students from India, Yemen and Pakistan. Just like our Chinese friend, who wrote back from China that she will always remember her holidays spent in an American home with authentic Christians, these students will tell their stories about us to their children and grandchildren.
Pray that our host families will be nourished by the Holy Spirit as they become blessings to our students and reflect Christ’s love.
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Kate Cole is a forgiven sinner who has had the privilege to work internationally and serve Jesus with LCMS World Missions in Africa. Her daily goal is to know Jesus and make Him known.
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I believe I know a couple, who live very near me, who have the most beautiful feet in the world! God bless these wonderful folks!