Guest Pastors Teach About Jesus’ Parables

They were stories that changed the world.  Two millennia ago Jesus of Nazareth taught big ideas through some small stories called parables.  The parables contain eternal truths that can change one’s life.

These parables were contemporary for Jesus’ original audience and they connected with the everyday sights, sounds, and experiences of Jesus’ listeners.  Since the days of the first century, time and culture have separated us from some of the relevant background information of the parables.  However, these parables still contain the eternal truths that can only come from the Son of God.

Several of these parables will be given a closer look during this Lenten season.  Each of our Wednesday evening worship services will feature one of Jesus’ parables.  After listening to the parable read from the Gospels, a local pastor will teach on the parable to help us understand the parable’s original meaning and bridge the parable to our contemporary context.

In looking ahead to our Lenten Wednesday Worship Worship the following parables will be considered by the following pastors:

March 1 Workers in the Vineyard Matthew 16:1-9 Pastor Todd Frusti
Trinity L.C. – Davison
March 8 Pharisee & the Tax Collector Luke 18:9-14 Pastor David Weiss
St. Timothy L.C. – Otisville
March 15 The Hidden Treasure & the 
Priceless Pearl
Matthew 13:44-46

Pastor Steve Helms
Holy Redeemer L.C. – Dryden

March 22 The Good Samaritan Luke 10:25-37

Pastor Gary Beck
St. Mark’s L.C.  – Flint

March 29 The Sower and the Seed Matthew 13:1-8; 18-23

Dcn. Dave Hoffman
Family of Christ L.C. – Imlay City

April 5 The Prodigal Son Luke 15:11-32

Pastor Kelly Todd
Christ L.C. – Hadley


Of course, with this being the season of Lent, special attention will be given to how the parables can help us to see and understand Jesus’ suffering, death, and sacrifice for us.  In addition to a deeper appreciation and understanding of Jesus’ teachings, each Midweek Lenten Worship features uplifting Lenten hymns and songs as well as time of prayer.

May God bless your Lenten Journey.

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Pastor Frusti has been serving at Trinity since 2008. He enjoys teaching the Word of God and challenging God's people to daily be a blessing in the lives of others.
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