Midweek Advent Worship Features Skits of Bible Personalities

Advent Greetings!

midweek-advent-worshipOne of the ways we learn is through listening to the events and experiences of others.  As we approach another Advent season, Trinity Lutheran Church will be presenting the message of Advent in meaningful presentations from people you may know from the Biblical record including:

  • King David, is known for being one of ancient Israel’s most prominent kings. A former shepherd David quickly rose to prominence after slaying Goliath, one of the Philistine’s most feared soldiers.  Throughout his life David remained faithful to God.  The Scriptures even refer to him as “God’s friend”.
  • Simeon’s story (Luke 2:22-32) is briefly mentioned in the New Testament. When he appears in Scripture he is an old man of faith to whom the Holy Spirit had given an amazing promise.
  • Didymus, also known as “Doubting Thomas” was one of Jesus twelve disciples. Through his experiences as Jesus disciple, he learned some lessons that may be helpful to other followers of Jesus who are awaiting Jesus’ return.

Each of these three Wednesday evening messages will introduce us to the lives of people whose stories have been preserved by the Holy Spirit in the pages of Scripture.  Their first-person accounts will enlighten us to the Biblical narrative and give our Advent journey guidance from an historical perspective.

Our 2016 Advent Midweek worship series concludes on Wednesday, December 21st with the heartwarming Children’s Christmas Musical entitled, “Once Upon A Christmas”.  The following summary gives a preview of the meaningful story behind this year’s musical:

Kid’s Musical – Dec. 21 @ 7 PM

A lonely grandma is remembering those laughter filled Christmases of the past.  She has all but given up on ever feeling the true meaning of Christmas again. Suddenly her old friends … “The Tree Ornaments” come to life and she is reminded once again that “Christmas Is A Matter Of The Heart.”

May God bless you and your loved ones with a joyous Advent and Christmas season.

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