Parables of Lent

Everyone loves a good story.  Jesus told lots of good stories. Our Lord’s stories connected with the day to day lives of His listeners in order to convey the important, relevant, and eternal truths which every ear and every heart from every generation so desperately needs. These stories,  called parables, are sometimes described as “earthly stories with an Heavenly meaning”.  As the world and culture changed over two millennia,  Jesus’ listeners have become increasingly disconnected from the stories. This cultural disconnect has made it more difficult to understand the truths Jesus taught about following Him.

Several pastors of our local Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod congregations and myself have planned and are preparing a series of sermons based on the rich teaching of Jesus parables.  Each Wednesday of Lent we will share our sermons in our six congregations. Below is a list of the six parables that we will cover and the pastor who is preaching on the particular parable:

“Pharisee and the Tax Collector” Pastor David Weiss (St.  Timothy L. C. – Otisville)  

“Sower and  the Seed”  – Deacon David Hoffman (Family of Christ L. C. – Imlay City)

“Good Samaritan”  –  Pastor Gary Beck (St.  Mark L. C. – Flint)

“Vineyard workers” –  Pastor Todd Frusti (Trinity L. C. – Davison)

“Hidden Treasure & Hidden Pearl” – Kelly Todd (Christ L. C. –  Goodrich)

“Prodigal   Son” –  Pastor Jim Chinnery (St. Martin L. C.  – Birch Run)

On Ash Wednesday (March 1)I will share the sermon based on Jesus’ Parable of the Vineyard Workers here at Trinity. Each following Wednesday a different pastor (or deacon)  will travel to Trinity to share the message he has prepared on a particular parable.

This year Trinity’s Midweek Lenten Worship will bring a variety in sermons and worship that is sure to be memorable. As Lent is a valuable time to invest in your relationship with Jesus I hope that you will put Midweek Lenten Worship on your calendar each Wednesday in Lent.

In His service,

Pastor Todd Frusti

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Pastor Frusti has been serving at Trinity since 2008. He enjoys teaching the Word of God and challenging God's people to daily be a blessing in the lives of others.