Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$53,000Raised $53,000 towards the $53,000 target.$53,000Raised $53,000 towards the $53,000 target.100%In June 2017, a complete overhaul was performed on Trinity’s large main parking lot.  After decades of use, the time had come to replace the large, paved surface just to the North of our church facility.  For many years the parking lot was patched and sealed but it was no longer wise for us to invest more funds into a surface so damaged that maintenance was no longer sustainable. Our church leadership realized that this large, crumbling surface of asphalt was not only unsightly, but also hazardous for the many people who use it throughout the week.

The total cost of the project was was $106,000.  When deciding to replace the parking lot, the Trinity Voter’s Assembly determined that one-half of the cost of this project would be paid using funds on hand.  Funding for the remainder of the project would come from current members and supporters through donations, memorials, and other special gifts.  

This large project included the following work:

  • Pulverize surface of old parking lot.
  • Remove, repair, and strengthen “soft-spots” under parking lot with stone. 
  • Re-grade subsurface to optimize drainage of water to storm basins.
  • Replace section of sidewalk along Oda Street entrance with thicker, reinforced concrete to support weight of vehicle traffic.
  • Repair damaged storm sewer in parking lot.
  • Widen Davison Road entrance to safely accommodate two-way traffic.
  • Repave entire surface of main parking lot and angle parking along Oda Street.
  • Re-stripe parking spaces in main parking lot.
  • Install new attractive signage at all entrances.

To date, $53,000 has been raised.

If you would like to contribute to our Parking Lot Campaign, please make your check payable to Trinity Lutheran Church and mention “Parking Lot” on the memo line.  Online donations are also accepted.  Visit our online giving page for a link to our safe, secure and convenient online giving portal.