Confirmation has a long and valuable history within Christianity and the Lutheran tradition.  Directly tied to the blessings received in Baptism, Junior Confirmation instruction provides an in-depth study of Biblical doctrines to provide the student not only with a deeper understanding of his or her faith, but the tools necessary to defend their beliefs and share their faith.

The primary textbooks for our Junior Confirmation instruction are the Holy Bible and Luther’s Small Catechism. 

For the 2020/2021 class year students and parents have the option to attend class both in-person and online. For more information, please call Pastor Frusti at the church office (658-3000) or via e-mail.

 “Whoever publicly acknowledges me I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven. But whoever publicly disowns me I will disown before my Father in heaven.”  -Jesus Matthew 10:32–33 (TNIV)

DateWorkbook Unit DueInstructor
Sept. 2First unit completed in class.Frusti
Sept. 16#2 – Creeds and ConfessionsFrusti
Sept. 23#3 – Intro to the Small CatechismFrusti
Sept. 30#4 – Reading God’s WordFrusti
Oct. 7#5 – “What Is Worship?”Frusti
Oct. 14#6 – “Overview of Small Catechism”Geisler
Oct. 21#7 – “Introduction to the Ten Commandments”Frusti
Oct. 28#8 – “The First Commandment”Frusti
Nov 4#9 – “The Second Commandment”Frusti
Nov 11#10 – “The Third Commandment”Frusti
Nov 18#11 – “The Fourth Commandment”Geisler
Nov 25Thanksgiving RecessN/A
Dec 2#12 – “The Fifth Commandment”
Dec. 9#13 – “The Sixth Commandment”
Dec. 16#14 – “The Seventh Commandment”
Dec. 23Christmas Recess
Dec. 30Christmas RecessN/A
Jan. 6#15 – “The Eighth Commandment”Frusti
Jan. 13#16 – Geisler
Jan. 20
Jan. 27