The Core Values of Trinity Lutheran Church result from the grace we receive and share as Children of God in Christ Jesus.  This grace unites us as a congregation and motivates us to serve and share with excellence and quality that the Kingdom of our Savior may grow.


We creatively teach the Word of God and apply the Word of God to people’s lives preparing them for discipleship through the Holy Spirit.


We strive to be and grow in Godly Servant Leadership through learning.  As we value open-minded learning, we will be an example for the next generation of Empowered Lay Leaders.


We value Outreach.  We are commissioned by Christ to be missional. We will continue to build stronger ties to the community and to be innovative in loving and serving all with a special concern for the poor and disenfranchised.

Praise & Worship

We are committed to glorifying the Triune God through Praise and Worship.  God’s gifts of the sacraments are a central focus in worship.


We welcome, encourage and challenge all people to grow in discipleship with the goal of individuals, families and youth deeply committed to Christ.


We are guided by Scripture.  Through balanced preaching and teaching of Law and Gospel people will know Christ’s forgiveness and God’s eternal and present purpose for them.