Join Us in Serving God Together!

At Trinity Lutheran Church, we are committed to helping you grow into the person God intends you to be.  This kind of spiritual transformation is a life-long process of growing and maturing in response to God’s love for you.

God made you in a unique way that is different than anyone else.  His plan is for you to use the talents, gifts, skills, and experiences that He has entrusted to you in ways that are pleasing to Him and a blessing for others.  We invite you to explore and discover the opportunities for you to serve God through the ministries at Trinity Lutheran Church.  Please click through the links below and pray about these opportunities.  We have provided e-mail addresses and other contact information to help make it easier for you to connect to these ministry opportunities.

God’s blessings to  you as you grow in serving God with your friends at Trinity.

Click Here for a list of current volunteer schedules.  
Links to Volunteer Schedules
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