Always Open for Giving

Trinity now has on-line giving options available.  Choose from multiple funds and ministries.  A few of the advantages of electronic giving are:

      • Give anytime, anywhere.
      • Create an account or contribute via a “Guest” account.
      • Set up and manage recurring gifts.
      • Pay for special church events.
      • Safely and securely make donations using a debit/credit card or checking/savings account.
      • No more “Oops, I forgot the envelope”.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Give+ Online?  Give+ Online is the next generation of online giving from Vanco, a leading online payment processor. Give+ Online provides a fast, convenient way for members and guests to access online giving from the church’s website.

Is Give+ Online secure?  Yes. Vanco maintains the highest level of PCI-compliance to ensure the security of donations processed through any of their giving options.

What payment methods are accepted via Give+ Online?  Give+ Online supports donations via all major debit and/or credit cards as well as ACH (electronic check) donations.

Can I give to specific church funds?  Yes. Church leadership can determine which funds appear in the online giving form. You can give to one or more funds in each transaction.  Note: Initially, the “General Fund” is the only fund available.

Can I set up recurring donations?  Yes. If you have a Give+ account or choose to create one, you can log in and select the frequency of the transaction during the donation process. If donating to multiple funds at one time, you can select different frequencies per fund.

Will I receive receipts?  If you log into your Give+ account or enter your email address when completing a “guest” donation, you will receive a receipt via email. Donors who are logged in will also be able to view transactions in their giving history.

Can I make donations using my smartphone?  Yes.