Giving Frequently Asked Questions

 Q:  Can I use Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) if I don’t have a computer?
   A: Yes.  Trinity’s secretaries are able to set up Electronic Funds Transfer for you. Please stop by the church office to fill out a simple form.
 Q:  Will I be able to change the amount of my regularly scheduled donation?
   A: Yes.  When you set up donation that occurs at regular intervals (monthly, bi-weekly, weekly) you are able to log into your account at any time to change the amount of your donation.
 Q:  Can I stop a scheduled donation after it has been set up?
   A: Yes.  You will always be able to sign into your account to stop any regularly occurring donations that you have set up?
 Q:  How long does it take to set up online giving?
   A: It will generally take 10-15 minutes to set up your account.
 Q:  Can I use a credit card or checking account to donate online?
   A:  Yes.  Both checking accounts and credit cards will work with Trinity’s online giving.  Most major credit cards are accepted.
 Q:  Can I still participate in worship during the offering?
   A:  Yes.  You may continue to use your offering envelope.  Just write “EFT” or “Online Giving” on your envelope.  However, it is not necessary for you to use your offering envelope for online donations.  Online donations are automatically recorded and will accurately be recorded on your giving statement.
 Q:  Am I able to track my giving online?
   A:  Yes.  When you use Trinity’s online giving, you are able to sign into your account at any time to view and print a record of your giving activity.
 Q:  How do I know if my online donation succeeded?
   A:  You will receive an email shortly after your donation is processed acknowledging that the transaction was successful.