Trinity Lutheran Church is a congregation that prays. God gives us an invaluable gift in prayer.  He listens to every syllable of your prayer.

Consider some of the things for which you can pray:

  • World events
  • Work of God’s Church and His congregations
  • The sick and injured
  • Those who are lonely
  • Our nation
  • The men and women of our armed forces
  • The billions of people who do not believe in Jesus Christ
  •  . . . even your enemies

To help you grow in prayer and pray for those who are requesting your prayers Trinity Lutheran Church has some helpful tools:

Word, Prayer, and Care Guide

This tri-fold brochure is distributed weekly to everyone attending our weekend services.  The resource includes the names of dozens of friends and loved ones whprayer-wall-slidero are requesting our prayers.   Two Lutheran churches from the state of Michigan are also listed as well as other requests for prayer that arise each week.  The Word, Prayer, and Care Guide is also mailed to our homebound members every Monday.  To respect people’s privacy, this document is not placed online.

Prayer Chain

A group of dedicated volunteers are willing to pray for you 24 hours a day.  When you have a crisis and are in need of prayer, call our Prayer Chain Hotline at: (810) 503-4610.  These dependable and confidential “prayer warriors” will be mobilized immediately to begin praying for you.

Pew Prayer Request Cards

Did a new prayer need arise over the weekend?  If so, its not to late to have the whole congregation praying for this need during worship.  Just fill out the Prayer Request Card (which you can find next to the hymnals and Bibles) and hand it to an usher during the offering.  The worship leader will announce the additional prayer and include it during the Prayer of the Church.

Prayer Chain HOTLINE