Fifth Sunday Council President Update

Council Update December 30 /31, 2017 Good Evening/Morning Welcome to our first Council President Update! As Pastor has already been announcing, these 5 minute 5th Sunday updates are intended to update our congregation as to what things, and how thing

Got a Retirement Plan?

This isn’t a pitch for your retirement saving but rather a plea for those unreached by the Gospel. My friend is a Bible translator. This week she phoned me from an Asian country with news about her work that focuses on 2-billion people who have nev

Get Inspired

People often ask me why I get involved in foreign missions.  I’m sometimes asked, “Isn’t there enough to do here in the US without traveling around the world?”   My response is not what you may want to hear—but it’s based on experie


Double-up!   The idiom, “double-up” can be confusing to international students when we ask them to share a ride with another student in the same car, or deal with something in pairs. When an instructor says, “We’re going to have to double up

Making a living … and making disciples!

I remember the days before retirement … when your feet hit the floor you were off to the rat race … well that’s how it felt sometimes. Earning a living is not easy—it wasn’t then and it isn’t now. Still, we can have the easy yoke that Jes

You were born in Bethlehem?

“Where where you born? It’s a question I ask international students frequently and sometimes I’m surprised at their answers. However, when I asked this question of a clerk, while shopping with my Nigerian friend in a large department stor

Are you ready to get your hands & feet dirty?

Last Sunday, Pastor reminded us that following Jesus sometimes means we get our hands and our feet dirty. Pastor spoke about the volunteer who had a panic attack in the middle of the Guatemalan garbage dump. A local man gave her the help she needed

On your mark, get set, GO and make disciples…

Yes, you and I are called to go and make disciples but sometimes we are content to live our lives in our cozy and safe circle of friends. Still, our Good Shepherd is calling us—to come out of our cramped lives into broader horizons and new places

One more thing, please

One more thing….please! Our congregation has served at My Brothers’ Keeper, (MBK) in Flint for several years—donating food, cooking and serving dinner and donating warm clothing. Most importantly we’ve been sharing the Gospel with them. Now,

Chocolate or Ice-soldier?

Many of you remember the hymn, “Am I a soldier of the Cross, A follower of the Lamb, And shall I fear to own His cause, Or blush to speak His name?”   Recently, Christians have been challenged by society to be still and not discuss Christian vie