One more thing, please

One more thing….please! Our congregation has served at My Brothers’ Keeper, (MBK) in Flint for several years—donating food, cooking and serving dinner and donating warm clothing. Most importantly we’ve been sharing the Gospel with them. Now,

Chocolate or Ice-soldier?

Many of you remember the hymn, “Am I a soldier of the Cross, A follower of the Lamb, And shall I fear to own His cause, Or blush to speak His name?”   Recently, Christians have been challenged by society to be still and not discuss Christian vie

Work Underway to Reverse Declines

“The facts are stark,” he explained. “Christians make up a smaller and smaller proportion of the American population every year (down to just 71 percent this year). Every district of the LCMS has experienced numerical decline in the past decade

Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Your Word by Koine

Join us on Friday, March 24 at 6:00 PM for “Footsteps to the Cross”.  Koiné will lead us in this meaningful and inspiring Lenten experience through Scripture, music, and multimedia.

The Other Way Round

Flint International Friends was designed to bring Jesus to internationals—but sometimes it’s working the other way round! Yes, we still are showing Jesus’ love to those who don’t yet know Him, but Christian internationals are bringing

Youth and Communion in History

Most of us who are life-long Lutherans received communion for the first time when we were confirmed in the eighth grade.  I never questioned the timing of confirmation or first communion. It was just something that took place when members of our chu

Parables of Lent

Everyone loves a good story.  Jesus told lots of good stories. Our Lord’s stories connected with the day to day lives of His listeners in order to convey the important, relevant, and eternal truths which every ear and every heart from every ge

A Timely “Word, Prayer, and Care”

Word, Prayer and Care is a valuable publication that Trinity publishes every weekend. This single page tri-fold includes a suggested Bible memory verse, a daily Bible reading list, a place to jot notes during the sermon, some suggested questions for

Midweek Advent Worship Features Skits of Bible Personalities

Advent Greetings! One of the ways we learn is through listening to the events and experiences of others.  As we approach another Advent season, Trinity Lutheran Church will be presenting the message of Advent in meaningful presentations from people

Summer at Trinity

Dear Friends in Christ, Summer has been anything but uneventful at Trinity Lutheran Church.  In this issue of our monthly Trinity Gram you will read about some of the things that have been taking place here as well as some of our upcoming activities