Reading the Bible Chronologically

As Christians we understand that the Bible is a unique, special, and trustworthy book. It’s actually more than that. The Bible is the inspired Word of God. In other words, the Holy Spirit gave the Biblical authors the words and thoughts which flowed from their pens.

You have likely read many parts of the Bible. Perhaps you pick up the Bible and read whatever page you open (I don’t recommend this method). Maybe you have read parts of the Bible while attending a Bible study. Some Christians have read an entire book of the Bible here and there, but haven’t read the whole book.

Maybe you are one of the rare Christ-followers who has actually read the Bible from cover to cover . . .from Genesis through Revelation. This is commendable. Reading the entire Bible is not a small task! However, one shortcoming of reading the Bible from cover to cover is that we miss out on the historical order of the Biblical events. The Bible is organized by book type. For example the history books of the Old Testament are grouped together. The New Testament letters (Epistles) are grouped together. The prophets of the Old Testament are grouped together. While this ordering provides a nice sense of organization and is the best way to organize a volume of books authored by several different authors, it fails to capture historical and chronological order. 

In 2022, our Daily Bible Reading schedule which is printed each week in “Word, Prayer, and Care” is organized as a chronological reading of Scripture. We begin on January 1st with the first chapter of Genesis. Each day we will read three to four chapters in historical order. I hope that you enjoy and are blessed with the deeper understanding of the Bible through this reading plan!

You can find the schedule of our Bible Readings in the following places:

  • Our weekly printed prayer list, “Word, Prayer, and Care”
  • In the document that is found at the bottom of this page.
  • On the events calendar page of our website.

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