You Won’t Need That Airline Ticket

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Pastor’s sermon this weekend described missionaries working in countries located in the world’s 10/40 window in order to spread the Gospel, as Jesus commanded us to do. There are currently 2.6 billion people who have NEVER heard of Jesus, NEVER read the Bible, or NEVER had an opportunity to visit a church, and most of these people live in that 10/40 window. But the good news is you don’t have to purchase an airline ticket to any of the 10/40 countries in order to obey Jesus’ command.

Why? Because some of the people living in 10/40 countries are coming here, to the US, as international students. Students from China, India, Africa, Nepal, Pakistan, Syria and Yemen have come to visit us at Flint International Friends and we are able to share with them God’s love in many different ways. Several of these students have visited us at Trinity.

When an international student becomes a Christian here in the US, he will go home and share his faith with his family and friends. International students further the Gospel faster than we could ever dream of doing. But if we ignore these people, the chances of them EVER hearing the Gospel is very slim.

We’re taking advantage of this God-given opportunity by joining together in service with Concordia Universities and LCMS Campus Ministries. If you would like to help us connect students to other Christians—please stop by our church office and pick-up an application for our International Student Ministry Committee.  We’ve got lots of exciting ways for our congregation to share the life and love of Jesus with international students and their families.

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Kate Cole is a forgiven sinner who has had the privilege to work internationally and serve Jesus with LCMS World Missions in Africa. Her daily goal is to know Jesus and make Him known.
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