Fifth Sunday Council President Update August 30, 2020

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Good Morning Everyone!

Church in the Future! – Who knows! At this time here at Trinity in Davison, Michigan, we are going to take it one week at a time. For now things will remain as they are, one service each week at 9:15 on Sunday morning, masks, social distancing, a little more worldly service, and so on. If our attendance warrants it, we will add additional services each week, but for now, with the attendance that we have, it will continue status quo!  Please keep in mind, that none of the changes are meant to be harming or disrespectful to anyone, they are intended to keep the congregation of Trinity Lutheran Church safe in a situation that everyone is new to.

We do ask that you to make the right decision whether to attend the in-person service or not. If you are not feeling well, please worship from the comfort of your own home until you feel better. If you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 self-quarantine as directed – do not come to church until after your quarantine. Thank you!

LIVE STREAM – Our church service live stream is now available on Facebook and YouTube each week.  We will continue to be live streamed going forward as an opportunity to reach more of God’s people. Up until this point we have maintained an average of fifty viewers each week since we opened back up, and according to the information we have received, it’s that you multiply that number of viewers by 2.1 to get the actual number in attendance, so roughly 105 viewers join us on line each week! We have been watching, and we have had viewers from as far away as Africa that has joined in on line! Please plan to join us each week, if you are traveling, going to college, home-bound, or just not wanting to leave the house on a snowy morning.  Along with the live stream comes a challenge, let see if we can share our on line information with all your friends, let’s see if one day we can hit the 100 viewer mark.

Meetings – All of our boards that meet during the summer month have begun meeting face to face again here at the church building, and yes it’s much easier and more productive than the zoom platform, well at least for us.

ZUMBA- Was actually our first ministry to open back up with in person meeting, it began out in the pavilion, but do to our leader having an injury, we have been taking some more time off. Please pray for a speedy recovery for our Zumba instructor Crystal

Tithes and Offerings- We would like thank everyone for keeping their financial commitment to Trinity each week. Of course I guess I should make a usual reminder, that during the summer months when people are on vacations, it can be a tough time for a church, even though we may not be here our financial obligations are, so, please continue to remember Trinity each week. Text to give, the us mail, and the mail slot located half way up the ramp to the church are great ways to do this. Thank you in advance.

 Sunday School- Sunday school is lined begin again on September 20th, this year with a twist! We will have one Sunday school class for all children each week. It will begin at 10:30 right here in the sanctuary for children who can attend in person, for those people that are still avoiding gatherings, we will be broadcasting the class on our Facebook and YouTube pages, class handouts will be available to print on our web site. Students will be able to ask questions of the teacher through the chat feature on the respective pages and the teacher will be able to answer their questions. Our teacher this year will be Mrs. Vicky Delay, the class will be geared to all ages through 6th grade. Please let all your children, grandchildren, friends and family know, so they too can share in learning about our God.

This year’s confirmation class is beginning here at the church, if you have or know someone that has confirmation age students, please let them know, and have them contact Pastor Frusti at 810-658-3000 or

My Brother Keeper-This is the only outreach ministry that continued while this all started, not exactly like it was , but the dinner was still prepared and dropped off for the group, thank you to everyone that continued to help!

Volunteer needed- We are still in need of some volunteers to stain our newly renovated pavilion. If you are interested, and have some spare time, get in touch with Pastor, and he can help point you in the right direction.

That’s all I have for you today!

Thank you for the opportunity to present this update! I will be back for another update on the weekend of November 29th,  2020.  Hopefully it will still be in person and not just on our stream.

Please continue to Pray for Our World and ask our Lord to be with the people working on a cure, that he might guide them in their work and for all the people of our country in this very unsettling time.

God’s Blessing to you all!