Fifth Sunday Council President Update – December 28/29, 2019

Good Evening/Morning

Veterans Dinner- On Saturday, November 9th. A dinner and recognition was put in place prior to worship that evening, to recognize those who have served our country. Many of our local veterans and their families attended, and the evening was considered a huge success. There were many comments of thanks to Trinity, for hosting such an event. This hopefully will be an annual event, to honor the veterans that severed our county! Please remember it doesn’t have to be a special event to look at a veteran and say thanks!

Church Safety Team- Our new church safety team is in place, at present in its youth, we are striving to have at least one member at each worship service. As the team grows there will be a three- member “hospitality” team to assist with safety and security. This ministry is just a step to ensure our building and grounds are secure and our congregation is safe in our ever changing world. We are always looking for new members to assist on the team, if you are interested in helping, please contact Kevin Simmonds or let Pastor Frusti know, and he will get you set up to help! Thank you in advance for your help with this ministry!

Decorations- We would like to thank all the people that helped with these Beautiful Christmas decorations throughout the church. This year we had a record number of helpers, and that meant it was fast, easy, and fun! Again thank you all! On a side note: anyone that could help, the day for our un-decorating will be Sunday January 5th , remember the more the quicker and easier! Thank you in advance!

SAVE the Date –Thursday March 12thThe date is set and the Ladies are geared up for another one of those fabulous Corned Beef and Cabbage dinners. I know it’s early, but in today’s world everyone has a calendar and this needs to be on it! The dinner will be held right here at Trinity, in the lower level, and be sure to let your friends know about it, too! Times, ticket sales, and other information will be announced as the date nears. Proceeds will benefit the Trinity building fund.

Information- At the beginning of the gathering of our offering, Pastor always asks that you put your name in the registration books located in the pews, this is an important request! This is the only way we have, to keep track of your attendance, all of this is monitored, not only for our records, but for us to report to the district and Synod. Visitors, it is just as important for you to sign in, also! We ask that you also supply your contact information as well! This will allow us a chance to touch base with you in the future and update you on future happenings here at Trinity. Thank you all for your help!

Safe and Sealed Fund- At the November voters meeting, the voters approved to have the church caulked and sealed from top to bottom, and those pesky critters that sometimes appear, evicted. This action was for the health, safety, and energy conservation of our church. Included in the resolution was to start a fund that would help raise hopefully about $5,000.00 by April 30th to offset the cost, it is encouraged that anyone that wishes to help with this important project would designate any extra donations to this fund. All funds collected will be transferred to the Koester Estate Fund on May 1st, 2020 as to help offset the costs.  

Big Project- As it stands, our next big project, has a committee in place, and is off and running! It will entail a spruce up of this very room! The last time the Nave was upgraded was in 1986, that was almost 34 years ago, yes it is due time! It’s not a giant remodel changing structure; it’s a face-lift, cleaning the rafters and updating the tired look and colors, making it more eye pleasing and inviting to our visitors and guests. Keep in tune for more details, as the committee puts together a plan, to bring to the voters meeting in May!

Musical Music- As you probably noticed, the music for Saturday night, and the Praise Band for Sunday’s was testing out a new location, during the month of November. This was a trial run, to see if it is something we may be interested in, in the future. The Board of Elders, will likely do a survey in the coming weeks to get your input, to add to their discussion, regarding the best placement for the musicians.

Great Job- At the November 2018 voters meeting, a budget for 2019 was approved, it was set up with the idea of getting the budget in better line with our income! That budget showed covering all the actual expenses, but left the mission fields blank, as a way to see where we really would be today (the end of 2019), and that any money left over, minus operating funds would go to missions. I am pleased to report that it looks like that number is going to be between $10,000.00 and $15,000.00 dollars, double the amount in 2018! Some of the missions that will benefit are: Outreach East, Our District and Synod driven missions, Missionary- Chuck Tessaro, Tri-Circuit scholarship and dues. This is just a small piece of the pie too!, our time and talents tithes to missions is multiple times this, with the wonderful support that you, the congregation of Trinity gives!

Thank You!– We would like to Thank, each and every one of the people that work so hard and support the missions here at Trinity, The Quilters, Family Promise, My Brother Keeper, Franklin Avenue Mission, Lunch Bunch, the Mentoring Ministry, International Friends, the Deacons,  Zumba, and the many more I am sure I have missed! Your love and support are truly felt, not only by the people you are helping, but the people around you!

Congratulations! – If you hadn’t heard yet, our head secretary for the past 10 plus years , Janet Maul, has decided to take the plunge into the retirement pool, yet again!! She started out as a volunteer here, just for something to do, after retiring from the Flint Journal, and shortly after she began, the position opened up, and well, the rest is history. There is a brunch and reception to celebrate her retirement, following the service around 10:30 today, so come on down to the Trinity room, enjoy some good eats and help us celebrate!

Thank you for the opportunity to present this update! I will be back for another update on March 29th   2020.  Please don’t add this date to your calendar, we want to see you here that day!          

 God’s Blessing to you all!