5th Sunday Council President Update March 29 2020

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Good Morning Everyone!

COVID-19– Isn’t this just something special, or is it? Is this God giving our world a reality check! Well, if it is He is getting his point across to believers as well as non believers, isn’t He! Maybe its meant to show everyone how fragile life is, and how much we really need His presence in our lives! That said, in the meantime, we here at Trinity will do our best to continue what we can, in the worship department. We will continue to stream the worship services Live, beginning with the final Lenten service this coming Wednesday, April 1st at 7:00 pm, followed by Palm Sunday at 9:15 am, Maundy Thursday service at 7:00 pm, Good Friday’s service at 7:00 pm and Easter Sunday at 9:15 am, beyond that if we are still restricted, Sundays will continue at 9:15 am.

And It goes on!- Just as the COVID-19 situation continues on & on, so does a church’s financial obligations! Please continue to support your church during this unusual time! We here at Trinity have systems in place for your convenience, online giving, text giving and of course the US mail is still running, also in response to many inquiries about dropping tithes and offering’s off at the church, we have installed a mail slot for your convenience, it is located in the window at the midpoint of the ramp into the church. I can’t emphasize this subject enough, whether you are a Trinity member or just watching this stream, please support your church throughout this critical time.

Corned Beef & Cabbage- The Ladies Guild did a fantastic job on the corned beef and cabbage dinner, it looked, smell and most of all TASTED GREAT. With the help of all that attended, the Ladies beat their record for this fundraiser, collecting a whopping $1,185.00, to benefit the Building Fund and some needy missions. Great job Ladies!

Council Meeting –Tuesday, March 24th was Trinity’s monthly council meeting, and because of the current conditions, we were forced out of our comfort zone! The Council met as usual, but this month through Google Hangouts, and yes you can teach old dogs new tricks! The meeting went on without a hitch, the people that had computers with cameras used them, and for anyone who didn’t, there was a call-in number available, we actually had all but one member attend. I would like to thank our council members for adapting during this unusual time!

Vacation Bible School – Trinity is in motion for another great year of Vacation Bible School this summer! Plans are being made, the skit team will be gearing up, some previous experienced leaders and helpers are doing some planning, BUT, at this time we do not have an actual coordinator. So, if you have some spare time to help out in this capacity, we would sure like to hear from you. Yes it takes some time, and yes it takes some work! But probably if you think back, you attended a VBS or two when you were young, and I bet you had a blast! Please give it some consideration, and help the youngsters of this generation, make some memories while learning about our Lord! VBS will be the week of August 3rd – 7th this year.

Safe and Sealed Fund-  Just a reminder, we are still working towards our $5,000.00 goal by April 30th to offset the cost of this project, so if you have spare change around the house, this may be a good place for it. All funds collected will be transferred back to the Koester Estate Fund on May 1st, 2020 as to help offset the costs.  

Praise Band Leader- Trinity is in search of a new Praise Band Leader, our current Leader Jessica Ugo has decided to move on to new adventures with her life. If you, or someone you know, may be interested and qualified in this position, please contact the Trinity office at 810-658-3000 or email office@trinitydavison.org to set up a time for an interview.

Thank You!– We would like to Thank, each and every one of the people that work so hard and support the missions here at Trinity, The Quilters, Family Promise, My Brother Keeper, Franklin Avenue Mission, Lunch Bunch, the Mentoring Ministry, International Friends, the Deacons,  Zumba, Funeral Dinners, and many that I may have missed, as well as the Ladies Guild that are a mission in themselves, supporting  many of these ministries, either in person or financially. Your love and support are truly felt, not only by the people you are helping, but the people around you!

Volunteer Dinner! – Our annual Volunteer Dinner will take place on Wednesday, June 3rd, at 6:30 pm in the Trinity room. If you are a volunteer here at Trinity, whether it is at missions or at worship services or any other project Pastor gets you into, you are invited. We will ask for RSVPs in May, so we can plan accordingly.

 Update! – As most of you know, our long time secretary Janet Maul, retired at the end of last year! She and her very loving and understanding husband Pat, moved immediately to their place in Tawas. They were in town 2 or 3 weeks ago, and I’m very pleased to announce there were no bruises and they are still speaking to one another. And on a side note, Janet is now back helping Trinity during this crisis, make check in calls from Tawas to Trinity!

Voters Meeting! – Our bi-annual voters meeting will be held in the Trinity room on Sunday, May 3rd  at 12:00 pm. If by chance we are still in stay at home mode, we will make a decision, on changes, or cancellation and get the word out prior to the 3rd.

Garage Sale- The weekend of Saturday, May 1st, the Ladies Guild is having their annual garage sale. If you have items that you would like to donate please contact the office, and they will point you in the right direction. They do ask that clothing items are not one of the donations, due to the problems that are associated with them!

Information!- As we all know, the people of our world just love information, the sooner the better is how it usually works in our impatient society. So, we here at Trinity will do our best, to get you the most up to date information on Church Events and Worship Services as soon as it is decided. Please check the web site at www.trinitydavison.org for the fastest updates available, whether it is, closings, cancellations, or changes.

That’s all I have for you today!

Thank you for the opportunity to present this update! I will be back for another update on the weekend of May 31st   2020.  Hopefully it will be an in-person and not on a stream.

Please continue to Pray for Our World, Our World Leaders, and All of the people battling this virus!

 God’s Blessing to you all!