Sunday School Update

While 2020 has been a challenging year, our church has adapted to our different world including the way we do Sunday School. The Lord has instructed us to teach His Word to the next generation and we are continuing to teach and share Jesus as a church even in the midst of the pandemic. We still need Jesus and the rock solid teachings of the Bible. Since September, Sunday School classes are offered for all ages both in-person and online.

As the the number of COVID-19 infections are increasing at an alarming rate I want to assure you that Trinity Lutheran Church is committed to providing a safe environment for all in Sunday School.

A Safe Place

We want all who attend our services, classes, and other events to remain healthy and safe. To help mitigate the risk, Trinity has taken the following steps:

  • The sanctuary is professionally sanitized between our Saturday evening and Sunday morning services.
  • The Trinity room is professionally sanitized after it is used mid-week.
  • Frequently-used surfaces are sanitized.
  • Face coverings are required while in the building.
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the building.
  • Windows are open when areas are being used.

Elementary Sunday School Class

Recently, I spoke with our Sunday School teacher, Vicki Delay to discuss whether the elementary-age Sunday School class would need to make any changes due to the recent health orders from the State of Michigan. Since the recent orders allow elementary schools to remain open and we feel that our current elementary age Sunday School class allows for social distancing measures, our elementary-age Sunday School class will continue to meet in-person as well as online. For those who attend in-person, we will of course ask that each child wear a face covering.

Adult Sunday School / Bible Study

The adult Sunday School class will continue to be held as usual, offering both in-person and online ways to attend. If you are among the at-risk age group, please consider your risk factors before attending in-person. Also, anyone who is not feeling well or has been exposed to someone with COVID-19 should not attend this or any other in-person event at Trinity until they are well.

Those attending the adult Sunday School class are asked to wear a face covering when they are not speaking and especially when they leave their seat. Also, please practice safe social distancing.

Upcoming Sunday School Topics

Nov. 22Unit Review
Nov. 29Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 6The Seven C’s of History
Dec. 13God Creates the Universe
Dec. 20Creation: Days and Kinds
Dec. 27Christmas Break
Jan. 3Creation: Animals and Man
Jan. 10Creation: Adam and Eve
Jan. 17Dinosaurs and Dragons
Jan. 24The Age of the Earth
Jan. 31Stewards of God’s Creation
Feb. 7Corruption: Sin Enters the World
Feb. 14Unit Review
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